Tatiana Shestakova

Tatiana is a post-doctoral researcher at Woodwell Climate Research Center research. Her interests span the fields of terrestrial ecology, stable isotope biogeochemistry, ecosystem modelling and climate change impacts on natural ecosystems.

Tatiana is interested in understanding the processes underlying the complexity and diversity in ecosystem response patterns to environmental forcing and how these patterns are spatially structured across environmental gradients.

She has worked on designing efficient inference tools and algorithms based on mixed modelling principles capable of handling the unbalanced-ness and interdependencies among observations typically associated with ecological data sets.

Tatiana has successfully applied these models to characterise composite patterns of environmental signals that are present across multiple spatiotemporal scales (local, regional, continental) and to ascertain how these patterns are modified along biogeographical gradients.

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Tatiana's project publications

Mapping forest stability within major biomes using MODIS time series

Forest stability is a key component of ecosystem integrity and primary forests. Current remote sensing products largely focus on deforestation rather than forest degradation, and depend on machine learning calibrated with extensive field measurements. To address this, we used MODIS time series to develop a novel approach for mapping forest stability across forest biomes.

Fire and logging threats to primary forests in central Siberia

Using remote sensing time series, we found increasing trends in fire and logging disturbances in primary forests of the Angara case study region. We also found large increases in fires closer to human settlements, roads, and logged sites.