Project themes

Program themes

The program work is organised around inter-related themes

The program work is organised around inter-related themes. The findings and outputs from these investigations are drawn together and synthesised to inform policy options and guidance for decision makers in support of primary forest protection.

Forest carbon accounting

Forest carbon accounting

Climate change impacts will not tackled without preserving primary forests. Measuring the carbon content of primary forest trees and soils are key data in making the argument.

Planning & Governance

Building strong governance and effective planning for primary forest protection.
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Policy options

Our scientific research themes have been guided by influencing forest policy in our case study areas and at a global level.
Q method data collection

Economics & valuation

Micro-economic valuation techniques have been used to qualify and quantify the benefits of ecosystem services from the primary forests.

Ecosystem integrity

Ecosystem integrity is ...
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Data and information services

Data and information services, such GIS and spatial land cover maps have been essential in providing the data inputs for all the project themes.