Forest maps

Forest maps

Forest ecosystem integrity maps

Not all forests are equal, and the benefits they provide us vary according to their ecosystem integrity. The concept of ecosystem integrity provides a science-based  framework for assessing, mapping, and reporting on forest condition and therefore to identify forests that have higher/lower values, provide more/less benefits and are at relatively greater/lesser risk of loss.

We will continue to develop approaches to mapping and assessing different components and indicators of ecosystem integrity including:

  1. forest stability;
  2. forest maturity;
  3. forest ecosystem carbon stocks; and
  4. forest policy.

USA forest maturity

Map showing forest maturity and its importance to water quality of forests on continental USA.

Forest policy regime

Dr Tim Cadman has built a decision-support tool that enables stakeholders to navigate the academic literature relating to forest management.

Forest stability maps

Forest stability maps for Siberia and the Amazon, related to our case study areas, are being finalised.

Other forest maps

Forest maps of the island of Tanna, in Vanuatu, have been generated as part of a related project, Pacific EcoAdapt.