Sonia Hugh

Sonia is a GIS modelling expert at multiple scales, specialising in visualisation of geographic data and spatial and temporal ecological modelling.

Sonia provide geographic information system and analytical support (statistical analysis, programming, modelling, geoprocessing). She has expertise in :

  • preparation, maintenance, organisation of, mapping and visualisation of geographic data for use in GIS applications, database and projects;
  • spatial and temporal ecological modelling at multiple scales;
  • developing, implementing, and maintaining new and existing data models.
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Sonia's project publications

Mapping forest stability within major biomes using MODIS time series

Forest stability is a key component of ecosystem integrity and primary forests. Current remote sensing products largely focus on deforestation rather than forest degradation, and depend on machine learning calibrated with extensive field measurements. To address this, we used MODIS time series to develop a novel approach for mapping forest stability across forest biomes.
Kayapo women carrying items

Large-scale forest conservation with an Indigenous People in the Amazon

This book chapter examines the struggle of the Kayapó to protect their constitutional territorial rights in the highly-threatened southeastern Amazon of Brazil. 21st century alliances of the Kayapò with conservation organisations have enabled protection of over 9 million hectares of their contiguous ratified territories.