Zoltán Kun

Zoltán has expertise in forest management, protected area design and climate change mitigation in the temperate and boreal zone with particular attention to Europe.

Zoltán was coordinating the research activities in the European case study area through Frankfurt Zoological Society. The research activities focused on defining the location of existing primary and old-growth forests, their role in climate mitigation and how the increasing energy use of primary woody biomass impacts the status of forests in Europe. Another part of Zoltan’s work was to provide scientific evidences to policy makers in the European Union.

Zoltan has worked with various organisations like IUCN, WWF and also research institution throughout the continent. He is also member of the WCPA and contributes to the Wilderness Specialist, the Transboundary PA and Tourism Specialist groups.

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Zoltán's project publications

Recognising the importance of unmanaged forests to mitigate climate change

The carbon stock in Europe's forests is decreasing and the importance of protecting ‘unmanaged’ forests must be recognised in reversing this process. Scientific evidence suggests that ‘unmanaged’ forests have higher total biomass carbon stock than secondary forests being actively managed for commodity production or recently abandoned.