Upama Ashish Koju

Upama has expertise in Remote sensing and GIS, application of RS-GIS in natural resources management studies, Climate change, forest and disaster, ecosystem services, PES, Agriculture.

Upama is as a Post-Doctoral research fellow for the Red Panda case study in Nepal. She have been involved in many tasks in the whole project from development of the governance standard to mapping and valuation of the ecosystem services. Upama works at the Kathmandu Forestry College, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Red Panda Network is a world leader in efforts to protect red pandas and their habitat. It uses an integrated, landscape-level approach to conservation that is built on the support and participation of local communities. Their conservation programs extend to over one million acres of forest and 50% of Nepal’s red panda range.
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Upama's project publications

Red panda in forest

Forest governance for sustainable communities and red panda conservation

Building the capacity of marginalised groups by increasing their skills and raising awareness about sustainable forest management could have tangible impacts on the ground, including the protection and conservation of Nepal’s unique flora and fauna into an uncertain and difficult future.
Red panda in the forests of Himalaya

Historical trends in and status of red panda research

The red panda is a unique species known for its distinct biological and ecological characteristics, and its captivating appearance but its future remains uncertain. This study assessed the history of conservation studies over 193 years.